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Kyoka (or KiKi); the owner/dog stylist for Dogfornia. Born and raised in Japan. 

Right after graduating from high school here in Los Angeles, Kyoka started going to 4 Dogs grooming school in Torrance (and El Camino college). She was fortunate to be able to work at this Japanese grooming salon called Pink Pucci Dog Grooming Salon in Torrance for 4 years. She learned Japanese-scissor-styles from the salon owner and attending by seminars. Back In 2017, she started her new career at Healthy spot at Marina Del Ray / Manhattan Beach stores which she believes one of the best pets companies that carry and serve high-quality products and services. Her manager gave her a nickname (groomer name), "kiki", and her kiki's carrier had just started and created from there. 



Her biggest motto is to treat your pups like your family member which means she NEVER use cheap (untrustable, unnecessary ingredients) products, and take her time to do the scissor-details job for providing the best hairstyle on each individual pups. 


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